Thursday, July 27, 2006

Udachu goes private

Udachu Fund and Udachu Invest have announced that they will not accept any new members. They have reached a good number of members and don't need any new members as they are already stable.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update - NSFG, FX-Experts, FF & DnD

NSFG were busy changing to a new broker and only managed to trade for the last few days of June. However, they still managed to have a net profit of 3.63%, which is great news. Hopefully everything will run smoothly from now on. These recent developments indicate that things look a lot better for the future of this long-term venture.

Everything is going along fine although there are reports that say that trades aren’t doing too well of late. I am not too worried though as they are one of the very few programs which has proven to do real trading and losses do occur sometimes.

Feeder Fund
FXIG return for June was 0%. FXIG did not trade last month as they were changing brokerages. This change will provide much lower trading and operational costs which will hopefully translate into greater profit for members in the future. The senior trader is already hard at work and there is every expectation of a good profit being returned in July.

Meanwhile, PSHI posted its return of 12.5% for June.

Dave is still well behind on payments, blaming it on cash-flow problems and also hackers who stole some money. I have a pending cash-out from May which has yet to be paid.

Meanwhile, Dave has opened up another surf site called 12by12daily which is an exact replica of the now infamous 12DailyPro with a payout of 12% for 12 days, surf 12 sites, 12% referral commission, 7 days of waiting for automated payout and $6 min and $6,000 max purchase.

After Compact Surfing and others went down, I am unlikely to join any more paid-to-surf programs. I will only continue with DadNDave’s until it ends. These PTS programs are all partial ponzis at the very least. I am now only interested in legit investments.