Monday, June 19, 2006

Compact Surfing Is A Goner

The much anticipated update from Compact Surfing has finally arrived. And if you don't already know, it looks like it's bad news, folks. Compact Surfing says that they will close operations until summer time. CS also says that you will be paid a partial refund if you are not in profit yet. I am hopeful but wouldn't count on it. Consider it a bonus if you manage to get any refund.

From their update :
Those members not in profit will be returned a percentage of their initial upgrade purchase dependant upon the total available for distribution. Earnings and referral commissions will be deducted from your pendings in our calculations.

CS crashed faster than I expected given the healthy growth of members on a daily basis. The significant drop of the price of gold is their excuse, which many of us had already speculated when pay-outs were slow. Hope members not in profit (including myself) will get the promised refund.


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