Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Programs Update

Feeder Fund
The earnings for the month of April have been announced and have been credited to accounts. I am currently in FXIG and PSHI as these are the 2 highest paying among the Feeder Fund programs. PSHI profit for April was 12.5% and FXIG profit for April was 11.71%.

Unfortunately, there was no profit for last month after a disastrous last few days of the month where they lost all the profits. Here is their explanation :

“After being up around 7% in the final few days we had the opportunity to easily double this from what was a very straight-forward trade.

Unfortunately at this exact time, the Large European Banks and Hedge Funds choose this moment to do a massive dollar sell off which totally reversed the market and lead to the last week of extreme dollar weakness.

This meant that our hard earned profits for the month were given back to the market this time and we regrettably ended the month on 0% almost to the dollar, to which the Managed Account clients can attest.

It was regrettable, however if the same situation came up again tomorrow, the exact same strategy would be used because 99 times out of 100 it would come through, it was only the mass dollar selling that caused it not to........and unfortunately no one can plan for, or trade for this.”

NSFG Past History:
September 2005 - 17.70% (Net) / 23.61% (Gross)
October 2005 - 10.49% (Net /Gross, first official month - No Performance fee taken due to Broker Change)
November 2005 - 32.01% (Net) / 42.68% (Gross)
December 2005 - 8.73% (Net / Gross, no Commission taken due to Xmas)
January 2006 - 15.81% (Net) / 21.08% (Gross)
February 2006 - 5.11% (Net) / 5.11% (Gross)
March 2006 - 3.06% (Net) / 4.08% (Gross)
April 2006 - 0% (Net) / 0% (Gross)

After surviving a DDOS attack, FX-Experts are back on track. Monthly returns are usually between 11-15%.

Compact Surfing
The best autosurf right now. Payouts are quick, usually taking less than 24 hours.

Wired Surf / Phoenix Surf
I decided to pull out of both surfs for now as both seem to have problems.

Payouts for March had been slow because of exchanger problems. The cashout for April has not yet opened. Dave has also reverted to the 1% daily earning which until now was at 0.7%.


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