Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

If you came here, chances are you are interested in making money online like myself. Who doesn't want more money, right? The problem is that 99% of HYIP's are outright scams or ponzi's (members are paid using money from new members)until it collapses, by which point you would be lucky to be in profit.

When I first started out in October 2005, the promise of riches and financial freedom blinded my judgement and greed took over. I ended up losing most of my "investments" to scam programs because I didn't do any research or due diligence before investing. Some people would have just walked away and quit but I was more determined than ever to succeed in this industry. I am now in more stable long-term programs which show proof of earnings. I treat ponzi's like a game or gamble, putting only a small amount and hopefully enough to make a profit for a cycle or two and then pull out all my money before it collapses!

I am here to share my personal experience in this crazy world of HYIP and other online opportunities. Good luck to all!


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