Thursday, April 13, 2006

Udachu Invest - New Fund

Udachu Fund, a well-known and respected fund on the internet with real offices in Florida and Panama, has created a new fund for investors. Udachu Fund is a diversified fund that offers 8% per month with a variable quarterly dividend bonus. Udachu Fund invests in various investments ranging from forex, stocks, commodities and real estate.

The new fund is called Udachu Invest, a separate fund that manages a pool for Udachu managed account that uses contracted forex traders to generate returns. Their performance for the past 12 months have been excellent, averaging over 20% a month. The minimum to join is $100 and they also offer a free Blue Banking debit card.

I am in the program with a minimum spend for now, and will be monitoring it closely for the next few months. I believe Udachu Invest has the potential to become one of the best programs around with their proven transparency and very good track record in the past.


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