Friday, April 07, 2006


Autosurfs are another way to earn money online. Autosurfs are also considered high yield investments except that earning money through autosurfing is not totally passive. In order to earn money, you'll have to spend a few minutes each day viewing websites. You can sit there and watch the sites or do something else while it runs.

Autosurf programs pay you a percentage of your investment (upgrade) as long as you "autosurf" the required minimum number of sites per day, for a predefined term. This can be a few days to a month. You can also advertise your site with free credits generated from your surfing or you can purchase extra credits if you like.

Since autosurfs generally offer a higher rate of return compared to the more solid investments, the risk is also greater. I am investing less than 10% of my funds in autosurfs. I am using earnings from my autosurfs to invest in more low-risk investments.

Due to the recent events such as the StormPay fiasco and the subsequent demise of popular autosurf programs like 12DailyPro, I have been much more cautious of all autosurf programs. Here are the autosurfs I’m currently in :

My favourite autosurf. Currently closed to new members. Run by Dave Cannard who has a reputation for being an honest admin. Rates are now 0.7% per day. May re-open to new members in the future so keep an eye if you are still not in.

Compact Surfing
13% daily for 9 days, totalling 117% (including principal). Seems to have a good business plan and is quite transparent with responsive admin and an impressive website with several security features.

Wired Surfing
8% daily for 16 days, totalling 128% . Claims to have several income streams and a debit card is also in the works.

Phoenix Surf
15% per day for 8 days (20% profit). A program by New Millenium Entrepreneurs who also claims to have have several income streams.

I consider Compact Surfing, Wired Surfing and Phoenix Surf all short term gambles with potential for high profit (hopefully lasting a few months at least).


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